Our Story

White Rhino Extracts was established in 2008 by three friends (aka the three amigos) who shared a passion for cannabis and wanted to spread awareness of the natural health remedies this product provided. One of the founders suffers from epilepsy and finally was able to find a solution to his seizures through the use of cannabis. As a brand, White Rhino Extracts hopes to continue to spread awareness of cannabis as a natural remedy to a variety of conditions.


Our Mission

White Rhino Extracts is dedicated to making quality cannabis products that you can trust accessible to the market. We are specifically focused on producing and distributing pure cannabis products that are free from hidden ingredients, specifically additives, toxins and dilution products such as PG ,VG, and MCT. We aim to create a trusted source of cannabis products where clients can turn to to receive reliable pure quality product consistently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make cannabis extract products available for all those in need. We hope to help influence the market to provide only the purest product to the market by continuing to be dedicated to producing products that are free from toxins and additives.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Local Number: (236) 668-5533

Available: 10:00am-7:00pm PST

Email:  info@whiterhinoextracts.com

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