Our Live Resin Cartridge is the closest experience you'll have to live resin in cartridge form.  We have the highest quality live resin cartridges on the market for a third of the price! Others are selling a less than par item at around $300-$400. Each of our premium cartridges are filled with strain-specific live resin that’s butane-extracted by White Rhino. Our cartridges are lined wtih a ceramic heating element that maintains a consistent and uniform flavor. This is a unique product that you won't want to miss out on! Get yours fast!


Please note that you should turn your battery off by pressing down on the button 5 times when you are done using your vape. This will help ensure that you don't burn out the coil in your battery.


Also note that we recommend storing your cartridges/pen in a dark, dry and cool place in order to keep your product in optimal condition.

1g Live Resin Ceramic Cartridge


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